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St. Augustine: This is surely what we read in the Proverbs of Solomon: If you sit down to eat at the table of a ruler, observe carefully what is set before you; then stretch out your hand, knowing that you […]

I’ve been remiss on not pointing out some good stuff being written by Mark Stricherz. First is a post on his blog "What happened to the great Catholic pols?" But today the maternity ward for great Catholic pols seems to […]

Sandro Magister reprints a portion of the Holy Week letter of the bishop of Monreale, in Sicily, in which the bishop provides a translation of an accout from Romano Guardini of his visit to the cathedral during Holy Week. When […]

More on Friday’s Stations at the Colisseum: This year, the Vatican decided to take special care to help others watching on television follow the event prayerfully. While tens of thousands of copies of the meditations and prayers are given to […]

…puts an obstacle in the way of the General Audience. From earlier today: Despite all the darkness in the world, evil does not have the last word,” said Benedict XVI, frequently changing his prepared text off the cuff. “For our […]

Pope pen found.

Zenit has postsed the text of Benedict’s homily given during his pastoral visit to a Roman parish on March 26 How should we respond to this radical love of the Lord? The Gospel presents to us a person by the […]

With a new look! Intends to be a portal for highlights of Catholic blogs. Also don’t forget the search engine at Catholic Blogs (which I’m finally about to add to my sidebar…sorry I’m so slow about these things!)

As my Toledo-area contact said, "This will fit in well with Da Vinci mania" Trial of priest accused of satanic-tinged murder of nun begins next week. Will be broadcast on CourtTV One of the biggest criminal cases in Toledo history […]