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Begin on Easter Sunday, in the company of this group blog Launch date:  Easter Sunday 2006 Our Purpose as stated in the sidebar Overview: A group blog for devotional and practical dialogue with sacred Scripture and sacred Tradition via the […]

The text of Way of the Cross, led by Pope Benedict this Friday at the Colosseum, written by Archbishop Angelo Comastri.

Because perhaps all of these rumors are for naught. Or it just won’t be a big deal. But if something is up with the Tridentine liturgy (Pian rite? 1962 Missal? What am I supposed to call this? I never know. […]

The USCCB response to DVC is shaping up nicely, with new articles added regularly: Here’s one by Peter Feuerherd on the appeal of secret societies From my little cottage industry: De-Coding Da Vinci has been translated into 2 more languages. […]

To Rod Dreher, who is now blogging regularly at Beliefnet.

An interesting report over at Mirror of Justice about a recent conference on the subject of prudential judgment. In his keynote address, Chris Wolfe (Political Science, Marquette) emphasized that although the magisterium has power to make particular political judgments, it […]

Says Paris Hilton is too moral to play Mother Theresa. DJ gets unjustifiably verbally violent in response; is fired. Yeah, it’s all in good fun. Fun when, like Penn Jillette,  you have no real sense of the suffering of the […]

You know, I could have gone all out in searching for souvenirs from Rome to give my two young adult sons. Art reproductions, fancy models of landmarks, Italian-made Man Garments. But, instead, I settled, along with a few other geegaws,  […]

This just came across the email transom. A press release from the corporate and foundation -funded Catholics for Free Choice: April 19 marks the one-year anniversary of Joseph Ratzinger’s papacy. Pope Benedict XVI has not emerged as a high profile […]

But it’s spring! Sorry, must be done. I declared I would respond to the Michael Sean Winters piece on "Benedict the Ecumenical" in The New Republic, so let’s have a go at it. As I do so, I’m going to […]