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An unusual attraction in Buenos Aires: Not quite Disney World: Jesus Christ appeared ever so slowly from the bowels of the plastic mountain in a blast of the Hallelujah Chorus. He emerged vertically, little by little, not so much like […]

A New Orleans saga When Hughes re-consecrated St. Augustine on Saturday, he said he would examine the parish’s progress after 18 months to determine if it could avoid consolidation with a neighboring parish. Hughes agreed to reopen St. Augustine after […]

The numbers tell the story in England: Although there was a modest recovery last year, when the numbers rose to 18, insiders concede that it was probably a blip, rather than any upsurge, following the funeral of Pope John Paul […]

The People’s Republic of China with a newly-adopted daughter, Brazil with children from an orphanage….Byzantine Rite…all that and more in the What did you hear thread below – worth a read, and worth adding to as well!

Bishop Cunneen says semi-nude jelly wrestling is an odd way to commemorate Easter.

It’s from blogging Ohio padre Fr. Martin Fox, posted below, but I thought we all could answer it up here: ….does anyone care to comment on how long you think the priest should preach on Palm Sunday, given the long […]

The Roaming Roman posts here weekly Lenten offering – lots to see and read about. This morning’s Mass at St. Peter’s, various other stational Masses around, and her impressions of the film Into Great Silence

Let’s see…I read this one on the way from Knoxville to Columbia. As a whole, I liked it very much, except for the yearning to just get the heck back to Italy that it watered. What we have here, in […]

Robert Araujo, SJ, bets to differ with Fr. Jenkins: My sadness and regret are based on the fact that I read all of the Monologues four years ago—those in the 1998 original edition and those in the 2001 revised edition—and […]

At Mirror of Justice, Greg Sisk updates us on the situation in the Sudan, what movements are being made at the moment, and how our voices and prayers can help.