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Related, sort of: 1) If there was a big-blow out media event that was supportive of traditional Christian claims, the NYTimes would consider it its sworn duty to run at least one contrarian op-ed pointing out the flaws of that […]

The NYtimes Magazine turns its attention to El Salvador. In this new movement toward criminalization, El Salvador is in the vanguard. The array of exceptions that tend to exist even in countries where abortion is circumscribed — rape, incest, fetal […]

Well, I see Elaine Pagels spoke for herself in the NYTimes this morning Yet those early Christians who loved and revered such texts did not think of themselves as heretics, but as Christians who had received not only what Jesus […]

Watched the National Geographic Gospel of Judas show.’s the summary. Lots of cheesy re-enactments of the finding of the document, the scholars’ encounters with it, as well as various ancient events. Like, you know, Irenaues SWEEPING the scrolls he’s […]

Philip Jenkins on the G of J. Oh, and do catch the comments on the right hand rail. They’re always so..enlightening. Also dubious are the claims made for the supposed startling or revolutionary qualities of the "Gospel of Judas." Nothing […]

Best laid plans of mice and parents… Yes, I had hoped for almost all day Thursday to be spent in Charleston, but ’twas not to be. For, as noted previously, at 11pm Wednesday night, we heard a faint whine: "My […]

Yes, the zoo was a zoo. We visit zoos frequently on our travels, because as I said, we have a membership at our local zoo that gets us free admission at most other zoos, and half price at some of […]

He met with youth today – a group from Australia, to pass on the WYD cross for 2008, as well as youth from Rome and the Lazio district. (I think these were the same event) – photos here. There have […]

We saw a lot of stories this week, but this piece from Elizabeth Lev at Zenit gives us some overall perspective and a good feel for the city during those days as well as a look at  a new exhibit […]

In between the two speaking engagements on Tuesday and the one Wednesday night, we had…all day Wednesday in Columbia, South Carolina. So, what that means for the people with the Fort Wayne Zoo membership card….go to the Zoo! And hope […]