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January 1, 1970 Archives

Rumor Central for possible "liberalization" of the permission to use the Pius V liturgy is The New Liturgical Movement blog.

Wednesday night, I spoke at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, in a ballroom in a campus facility – we had, I’d say, around 200 folks there. Thursday night was in the lovely chapel at the Citadel. I’m thinking […]

Coming to you from Knoxville, where thunderstorms are threatening (although not hitting us directly at the moment) and a baby has just thrown up for the third time this evening. (And no, he wasn’t the one who was sick before…) […]

What to look for in this year’s Papal Stations of the Cross: The loss of the sense of sin and its consequences for humanity will be central themes of the text of this Good Friday’s Way of the Cross at […]

Do go read this NYTimes piece on a new opera – With George Tsypin’s translucent décor suggesting a Balkan or Middle Eastern village, Mr. Sellars’s fluent direction helps the opera’s four characters to occupy the Bastille Opera’s large stage. Divided […]