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January 1, 1970 Archives

Do go check out Michael Novak’s website for comments and reviews of his latest book, Washington’s God.

Vatican Radio has some interesting anniversary programming.

I am picking up hints, via comments here and elsewhere, that the transcript of Cardinal Mahony’s chat that has been posted is not, let us say, identifiable as the chat that occurred on Friday, at least in part. If anyone […]

More photos of the Masses – in Rome and in Poland – here. There are remembrances all over the blogosphere, of course, and you all have your favorites. Tomorrow, though, be sure to check the Roaming Roman’s site – she […]

Pete Vere strongly disagrees with Ed Peters in the Bishop Bruskewitz situation.

This article is a few weeks old, but it just showed up in our local paper today: A WSJ piece on Sony’s tactics for "avoiding" controversy with DVC (Whether or not they really want to avoid controversy is a question […]

The Pope today: Towards the end, Benedict XVI recalled the last days of John Paul II, sick and in silence. The pope said the Lord “stripped him of everything to assimilate him with himself… His gestures and proclamations were reduced […]

A few weeks ago, we noted the excellent series on liturgy being written by Bishop Slattery of Tulsa and published in the diocesan paper. The Curt Jester has taken what I believe is the latest letter and, as he said, […]

The NYTimes on the battle over the SF church: Michela Alioto-Pier, a city supervisor whose district includes St. Brigid and who has shepherded negotiations between the Academy of Art and the parishioners’ group since January, believes that the university is […]

From the Philippines, an article about a Benedictine monastery located near the site of many political protests