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Casual readers of Catholic blogs might have been puzzled by the high interest in the just released English translation of the Compendium of the Catechism.  The US version has taken far longer than almost any other to be released, the […]

An Episcopal priest continue the journey…(via Pontifications) When considering becoming a Roman Catholic the first thing that most people would obviously take into consideration would be the Pope. I realized that people who have a high view of the Pope […]

..for the transcript of Cardinal Mahony’s online chat at the LA Religious Education Congress to be posted. Update: Here’s the transcript, with the questions being asked afresh from kids online. No relationship to the submitted questions. Which might be consistent […]

The news was full of the 31 parishes being closed in the Archdiocese of New York. Let’s not forget about the 14 schools. Today in the NYTimes, Dan Barry writes of one school in the Bronx. (only available to TimesSelect […]

From one Cory T: To start I must state that, if someone were to describe me as a reader it would be a gross understatement, somewhat akin to ‘Tolkien wrote a nice book’. More apt would be: I am a […]

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz has made strong statements about the Bishop’s Review Board. Background: Bishop Bruskewtiz’s history with the fallout from the sexual abuse scandal has been unique – he’s refused to submit the Lincoln diocese to the processes and procedures […]

Rumor-spinning is getting intense in regard to the Tridentine liturgy. The New Liturgical Movement is a good place to go for all of that – including the latest that is quite specific – that Benedict has indeed signed some kind […]