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Ten years ago, seven Trappist monks living in a long-established monastery in Algeria, were murdered.  This Zenit article recalls the story, from the perspective of another religious, who was present the night the men were kidnapped. Father Thierry Becker, of […]

A Pope and a Cardinal… First, Benedict’s words to the Roman parish he visited after Mass, here: The faith must be promoted because outside of Italy it is thought that in Rome there are only ceremonies and ecclesiastical bureaucracy, but […]

I understand this photo was featured in the NYTimes yesterday? Front page, was it? Caption: NYT11) NEW YORK — March 26, 2006 — NUNS-ROLLERBLADE-FLOATER — Sister Mary Elizabeth, left, and Sister Immaculata, with the Sisters Of Life, St. Frances DeChantal […]

I have no idea what inspired this story – a feature on vocations recruitment and response. Perhaps it’s the release of the Grassroots Films – produced video called Fishers of Men. (Grassroots has an association of some sort with the […]

More snarkiness at my Amazon Connect Author Blog. And if you’re in Southern California, here’s information (pdf file) on my talk in your part of the world at the end of April. Come dialogue!

In the LATimes a few days ago, writer Nora Gallagher notes the anti-Christian talk that comes so easily these days Recent books that are contemptuous of religion in general — Sam Harris’ "The End of Faith" and Daniel Dennett’s "Breaking […]

Another blog from another Catholic student studying Catholic things abroad – this one in Poland. Interesting stuff. Via Whapping

A week from now, we’ll be in South Carolina – details of the talks and booksignings here. I’ve added an other talk to our Michigan swing at the end of April. I’ll be in Kalamazoo on the 29th, in addition […]

A review in the UK Telegraph of Jarislov Pelikan’s latest, Whose Bible is it? But to say that is unfair, because the final chapter, addressing the question that motivates the book as a whole – who does the Bible belong […]

Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex (who else??) is starting a series: Our society desperately needs to recover the recognition that human nature, as it is visible in the sexed body, defines our sexual identity and in part, constitutes us as persons. John Paul the […]