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As part of the continuing series in the SF Chronicle, Mary Karr, author of The Liar’s Club, discusses her conversion to Catholicism …I know the two of you spent a lot of time exploring different faiths together to see what […]

Okay then, we’ll shut down your church: One of the nation’s oldest black churches will be shut down indefinitely because protesters fighting a consolidation plan interrupted Mass, the archbishop of New Orleans said Monday. The protesters, led by out-of-state activists, […]

Such is the rumor, from across the sea – that Archbishop Marini, Master of Ceremonies for papal liturgies, has been hospitalized with a heart attack.

At the Anglican Web Elves – The conversations seems to broadening to take in the issue of religious freedom in Islamic countries, period. Let’s see how broad the conversation gets. Let’s see how honest it can be. A bit more […]

The Holy Father wore rose-colored vestments yesterday. Did the priest who celebrated the Mass you attended? Not ours. And did your parish do the Scrutinies this weekend? Were they done correctly? (Ours must have occurred at a different Mass from […]

A novel co-written by Bishop Robert Baker of Charleston – about the missions of Florida.  Commenter Lynn attended a talk Bishop Baker gave on the novel yesterday in Gainesville, FL (he was a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine) […]

You might get quoted in the Washington Post…

Who’s California Assemblyman Mark Leno talking about? Via Rob Vischer at MOJ