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MIchael Paulson’s got a close-up photo and the story of the Cardinals’ rings: Turns out that these rings are sort of designed by the pope, in the sense that the pope gets to choose the image on the outside, which […]

with a religion connection… Now playing across Nigeria: The saga of a church that self-produced a few films and became an instant mogul in the country’s giant movie marketplace known as Nollywood. It’s the latest — and perhaps most audacious […]

Today’s homily at the Mass at St. Peter’s with the new cardinals: He addresses some the issues we’ve been haggling about here, in a way: In the Incarnation of the Son of God, in fact, we recognize the origins of […]

Yesterday, about ten people sent me the link to the review in the New Republic of Fr. Neuhaus’ latest book. The review is here, and it’s harsh. I only skimmed it, so didn’t really think I could comment adequately on […]

I’m going to start blogging a lot about DVC. Most of what’s there you’ve heard before, but just in case… (And no, I’m not going to open comments on those posts over there. I think you all understand why. There […]

Over the past couple of years, there has been much discussion about the touring "Bodyworks" exhibit, created and constructed by a German artist, made of plasticized human corpses. (The process happens in China, I believe.) Our favorite Catholic high school […]

The NYTimes takes note of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s evangelization effort in this article. The piece features the Archdiocese’s excellent choice, Fr. Robert Barron, as a person to really get this thing going and focus: When the Rev. Robert Barron […]

Rocco draws attention to this photo of the Pope in procession, says it’s "fun." But not for the reasons you’d think, and what’s implied – actually, the rainbow flag in Europe is a common symbol of the peace movement, more […]

I’m about to be on the radio program sponsored by Ave Maria School of Law and hosted by Fr. Michael Orsi – The Advocate. At some point after the program airs, you can listen to an archived version there, or […]

The Web Elves are on top of this story, which should be clarifying for many. And from the trial judge’s mouth: Under the interpretation of Islamic Sharia law on which Afghanistan’s constitution is based, Mr Rahman faces the death penalty […]