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Bishop says no miracle in Dallas.

None of you told me that in the last episode of Lost, Sawyer was reading….Lancelot by Walker Percy. No, I had to go read this synopsis to find that out! Fascinating. Lancelot is the story – well, actually the confession […]

People are wondering.. "I believe it’s a miracle. In my heart, I believe it’s a miracle." That’s what Angela Neywick said about what happened. She witnessed it. They say about a month ago, a boy who was receiving communion spit […]

According to this poll, Catholics approve of torture in higher proportion than the general public does. “This may be a reaction to 9/11, the horrible loss of life and the atrocities of those acting in the name of Islam,” says […]

Terry Mattingly takes apart a recent Washington Post article which was evidently intended to be packaged with the new Kevin Phillips book for the Theocracy-mongers. The article discusses federal aid to faith-based organizations with a heavy underscoring of how CONSERVATIVE […]

As I said a few weeks ago, this immigration issue is one that screams out for honest discussion, and I am not sure we are getting there yet. The specific points, it seems to me, that are being glossed over, […]


In Rome for the consistory, of course: Hong Kong’s cardinal-designate Joseph Zen suggested Thursday the Vatican might be willing to compromise on the biggest obstacle to its tense relations with Beijing — the question of who should appoint bishops in […]

Wandering, unconnected priests are usually up to no good. The plaintiff’s lawyer, Jeff Anderson, said the priest was ordained in the Diocese of Tarno in Poland in 1976. He served at St. Stanislaus parish in Utica, N.Y., in 1977 and […]

What’s happening today, from Paulson at the Globe: Today all 193 cardinals and cardinals-to-be (the 178 who already have their red hats, at the 15 who are to get them tomorrow) are gathering at the Vatican’s Synod Hall for what […]