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Allan Carlson begs to differ. From the Weekly Standard: Meanwhile, families that sacrifice a second income to keep a mother or father at home receive nothing except a higher net tax. Bills to correct this gross inequity have been regularly […]

Pope will not visit England in 2007. And you wonder why this is news and "Pope will not visit Fort Wayne in 2007" isn’t? Because there had been hot rumors circulating that he was going to go. But he’s not. […]

…on immigration in the NYTimes: Some supporters of the bill have even accused the church of encouraging illegal immigration and meddling in politics. But I stand by my statement. Part of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church is to […]

Stephen Hand has been a mainstay of Catholic internet life for many years, perhaps even since the beginning. His family is in the midst of a tragic, difficult situation – his 28-year old son has fallen into what doctors are […]

Michael Paulson of the Boston Globe

Definitely go check out – an excellent webzine that should be on your favorites. Right now, they’re featuring several articles on Islam and Christianity.

Two subjects that come up around here quite a bit are the state of Christianity in Europe, and the state of faith among those who work in the Church. We cluck and worry about the former, and some of us […]

…of Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa’s 1st Lenten sermon: We must take up one last teaching before taking leave of the Jesus of Gethsemane. St. Leo the Great says that "the Passion is prolonged until the end of time."[15] He is […]

At First Things, Jody Bottum looks at Kevin Phillips’ new book and yearns for historical perspective: But there was the New York Times proclaiming during the presidential campaign of 2004: “Never before have so many bishops so explicitly warned Catholics […]

Grant at the Commonweal blog provides links to the materials related to the release of the Archdiocese of Chicago abuse audit From the Sun-Times, the Cardinal’s response: "You read it and you weep," George said. "For the many missteps in […]