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A couple of weeks ago, the South Dakota legislature voted, and the governor signed, a bill banning most abortions in the state. Several links for your consideration, and feel free to add more. The question, as it has been before, […]

More photos and a post on our Coliseum and Forum visit at Michael’s. (And if you look at the first photo in that Coliseum post, it’s not just of the scenery. Katie and Joseph are the first figures on the […]

Whoever designed the graphics for the webpage they’ve set up for my South Carolina talks – I love the look of it – kind of quirky, and intent that we have a good chat about this business but not take […]

Many of you have probably already seen this, but if you haven’t – Dawn Eden on the story of a post-abortive woman. It’s actually rather complicated, and has to do with a reporter from Marie Claire magazine looking for subjects […]

In the center of Rome near the Termini Station, there is a sprawling ancient structure – one of many of course- what remains of the Baths of Diocletian. Described here: It could accommodate 3000 bathers simultaneously, about twice as many […]

1) An exhibit at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage near Cleveland about the Holy Land: "Cradle of Christianity." 2) John Farrell writes with word of his latest film: Bag of Knees I’d like to spread the word during Lent […]

After weeks of not checking, I ran through my spam file and found a real email from someone. Again, if you’ve not heard from me, and it’s been over a couple of days since you wrote, re-send. Be specific in […]

Yes, it’s a couple of weeks old, but commentary is still coming in. On 2/28, 55 Catholic Democratic members of the House issued an " Historic Catholic Statement of Principles". One is already struck by the humility. As Catholic Democrats […]

In today’s General Audience, Pope Benedict kissed a baby (Whatever. Bitter? Me?) and revealed the course of the teaching he’ll offer for the next few months – the relationship between Christ and His Church. The Church, said Benedict XVI, “was […]

Boston College Law School dean: state has put CC out of the adoption business: It seems surprising that the state would want to put the Catholic Church out of the adoption business. Corporal works of mercy are no less important […]