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A story about a Milwaukee-area priest who has been through much… Most recently, last year, a hit-and-run accident that cost him a leg. But before that, a ministry in his native Mexico that placed him in the deepest poverty and […]

Joseph is sitting next to me looking at an older coffee-table book about St. Peter’s. (No school today – diocesan teacher workshop). He opens it up to a long range shot, and says, "That’s St. Peter’s Square." Very good, Joseph, […]

Via Claude Muncey (who said he was going to blog on this, but hasn’t yet..) From inmate to priest James Tramel awakened Sunday in a prison cell. He went to sleep Sunday night in the rectory of a church he […]

Michael did a lot of detailed trip-blogging over the weekend. Check it out.

Zadok has a really interesting post – he went over to San Croce to see the exhibit I mentioned, and expands on what it is, exactly (can my excuse be that I don’t read Italian?) It turns out that the […]

I didn’t start watching the Sopranos until the second season, I think, was totally confused for the next two seasons, but finally, I think, got it (that is who everyone was – well, most of the people – and how […]