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This trip started out as just…a trip, but soon, because it’s a small, small Catholic world, the meetings and greetings just started rolling. First and biggest props and thanks go to Charley Collins of Vatican Radio. I told Charley I […]

You might find yourself highly amused at "Does Chuck Norris Exist?" The fourth way is taken from the gradation to be found in roundhouse kicks. Among roundhouse kicks there are some more and some less good, true, noble and painful. […]

Michael’s putting them up as we speak.

Rome streets were filled with these: Jimmy Mac comments on them in this post – they really were everywhere. Some parked, as you can see in the photo on that post, perpendicular to the wall, rather than parallel. They were […]

Rich Leonardi blogs on Catechism/Compendium matters We have an English-language Compendium in our possession now…Pauline Publications of Africa. It will be interesting to compare it to the US version…when it finally emerges…

There’s a lot more to come. I’m only doing general impressions right now. More specific, mostly church-y stuff will come later…

To point you to the blog of Lewis Perdue, who’s suing Dan Brown and Random House for plagiarism of a novel of his, but who is blogging on the other trial in London – he has a post from a […]

I found Roman commercial life fascinating, from the street vendors to the clothing stores with what seemed like 50 pieces of clothing on display, and that’s it. We wandered quite a bit, mostly intentionally, sometimes…not. Well, really, just twice on […]

Here’s one tale we’d heard about Italy that proved to be absolutely true: that they would go bonkers over a baby. And they did! So much so that Michael the Baby had to institute a "Please, no photographs" policy: No, […]

No way you can do 9 days in Rome with five people, two of them little, and stay in a hotel room. My very-brief research showed me that anything even approaching the hotel standards we spoiled Americans are used to […]