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January 1, 1970 Archives

Rocco reports on a confab being called for Wednesday in France…go read if SSPX doings are of interest. Very interesting.

This will make you snort, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune report on encyclical reax (actually a reprint from the Toronto paper – so note that it was probably Canadian "Catholic scholars" who were consulted) : Few Catholic scholars contacted this week […]

This is one of those stories I waited a bit for posting because, once again, translation issues could have been problematic. Time has passed (well, a couple of days), and so CwNews has a more thorough report than that which […]

The Inquisition returns – The four-part documentary on the UKTV History channel draws on research gleaned from Vatican files only opened to scrutiny in 1998. It highlights periods of the persecution that began in the 13th century and ended only […]

At Mirror of Justice, Greg Sisk with an extended post on what Benedict has to say about the role of the Church in public life: In emphasizing the proper role of the Church in the awakening and formation of conscience, […]

There is discussion here and there about the future of the leadership of the Jesuits. It’s sort of convoluted, but the Society’s Superior General is said to have met with Benedict many times over the past months, and the decision […]

What I’ve been waiting for – Christopher Blosser at the Ratzinger Fan Club with scads of links to analysis and reactions to the encyclical.

With this Rome stuff, everything has hinged on when we’d get our Scavi tour reservations. Well, I got the confirmation today – two weeks after I submitted the request, which is pretty quick. But we are going off-season and I […]

Tomorrow night, at 7 – Michael and I will be speaking at St. Joan of Arc in Powell, Ohio – along with David Hartline of the Catholic Report, who’s arranging the event – come and see! (More info on right […]