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A couple of finds… Rich Leonardi’s brief, poignant word snapshots of his father’s funeral TSO’Rama is without doubt one of the finest writers in St. Blog’s. Go read his report of his recent (and ongoing? I don’t know) cruise to […]

Well, I finally got around to watching last week’s Lost. (Explanation: I usually don’t watch it when it airs because Katie has basketball practice, and doesn’t get home until around 9:30) (Yeah, let’s go into why 8th grade girls are […]

I have no idea what common hymn we all could have heard this week. Perhaps the question of the day will be – how did your parish mark the beginning of Catholic Schools Week, if it did so? I doubt […]

Polling says women want restrictions? Evidence of a widespread public demand for the government to further restrict women’s right to have an abortion is revealed in a remarkable Observer opinion poll. The findings have reignited the highly-charged debate on abortion, […]

America magazine ran an editorial about the recent Instruction on homosexuality and the priesthood. At the end, they have a poll question, asking you if you agree with the editorial or not. Fr. Neuhaus on the editorial

The message: Persons consecrated in poverty, chastity and obedience "are eloquent signs in the world " of God’s merciful love, celebrated in the encyclical "Deus caritas est." Recalling the recently released document, Benedict XVI reaffirmed at today’s Angelus "the primacy […]