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January 1, 1970 Archives

Peter Steinfels chimes in… When Benedict speaks of love as the "primordial cosmic force," he knows of course that science traces the movement of the sun and stars to the Big Bang, gravity and other forces of nature. He is, […]

As noted far and wide, today is Mozart’s 250th birthday. Elizabeth Lev has a Mozart in Rome story at ZENIT. Mozart is often associated with the Freemasons — he joined the Masons of Vienna in 1784 — and "The Magic […]

Cardinal Keeler says he’s coming Via Whispers

Allen on the encyclical, with some added remarks from Cardinal George. As well as conversations on the nature of Catholic charitable work from the Cor Unam conference. Even apart from policy questions, there’s much to learn about Benedict XVI’s papacy […]

But this one beats the destroyed rectory story: A Franciscan priest famous in Italy for the religious conversion of a leading porn star was in custody last night on charges of sexual harassment after a nun alleged that she was […]

The Da Vinci Code film will be released in the US on 5/19, and the world waits. Or, not. Who knows. Some recent DVC sightings, for good and ill: Here’s an excellent blog on DVC issues run by an Opus […]

Clarifications at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex

Mark your calendars, Ohio peeps: MIchael and I will be speaking next Tuesday, January 31, at 7pm at St. Joan of Arc Church in Powell, Ohio!

We got one over pinkeye, and now I’ve just returned from picking Joseph up early at school where he was accused of the same. Justly.

An editorial: This is a remarkable, enjoyable and even endearing product of Pope Benedict’s first few months. If first encyclicals set the tone for a new papacy, then this one has begun quite brilliantly.