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Not on this side. The other side. The pastor of St. Joseph Church hasn’t lived in his parish’s rectory since he arrived more than six months ago. When the Rev. Terry Steffens arrived at St. Joseph last July, he discovered […]

Katha Pollitt of the Nation responds to Will Saletan in "Pro-Choice Puritans." The trouble with thinking in terms of zero abortions is that you make abortion so hateful you do the antichoicers’ work for them. You accept that the zygote/embryo/fetus […]

Two quite different types of reaction to the encyclical are bubbling to the surface today. First, the one that suggests, either happily or not, that since this is all about Luv, and the specifics weren’t mentioned, it’s a sellout of […] which we will gradually post various reactions to the encyclical, in between a mad dash to try to summarize it. Ruth Gledhill of the Times UK surprises herself: Every sentence, stop and comma speaks of orthodoxy. It is steeped […]

Deus Caritas Est is clearly of two parts: the second part, which deals with the nature of Christian charity from a theological, spiritual and practical standpoint, the seeds of which were planted during the previous pontificate; and the first part, […]