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I’ve read through the encyclical three times and outlined it, so tomorrow I have WORK to do, made infinitely more complicated by the sick baby, who is no shape to go to the sitter’s tomorrow. Bless him, Michael is staying […]

Evangelicals in Beantown: The Catholic church is to Boston what evangelicals are to Wheaton or Colorado Springs, says Harrell. The influence of the Catholic church is everywhere from parishes to politics. Harrell says Catholics often did not leave the church […]

The spiritual scene in Nigeria – fervent, healing and prosperity-oriented religiosity, and, on ocassion, curious encounters between Christianity and Islam Can Rick Warren succeed in Rwanda? The writer of this piece in Christianity Today has his doubts. Warren uses the […]

Beyond the release of the encyclical, it was also Wednesday’s General Audience: This vision can be realized, the Pope said, only through "the work of the Messiah and his people." And it can be reached only by making a clear […]

Der Spiegel on the encyclical: The German-born pope formerly known as Joseph Ratzinger is as radical as he is thorough. He could have written about the dangers of globalization, about genetic engineering, Darwinism or of course about his "dictatorship of […]

NYTimes article on the Harvard embryonic-stem cell research lab, and the care they take to ensure their private funding status doesn’t get mixed up with federal funds. And this: Q. Last month, after the Korean stem cell cloning scandal broke, […]

At Mere Comments, Lee Podles pulls some salient passages from the encyclical and comments

Zadok’s there of course, and he’s purchased his copies of the encyclical in various languages, and has done some comparing, which led to the discovery of this encyclical’s "kicked the bucket" moment….. (The story linked in that post is no […]

This story from the secular press got me thinking: Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday in his first encyclical that the Roman Catholic Church has no desire to govern states or set public policy, but can’t remain silent when its charity […]

Just warning you. I have to read and digest this encyclical, then write 1500 or so words on it, the baby’s cold has gone into his eyes and so we have to go to the doctor…