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When NCR(eporter) fisks you: In as convoluted a piece of reasoning as we’ve seen in a long time, The Tidings, official newspaper of the Los Angeles archdiocese, declares in its Jan. 13 issue that “the belief that bishops moved child […]

Mark Mossa, S.J. responds to Fr. Neuhaus’ recent FT article: Father Neuhaus and others need to wake up to the fact that the Society of Jesus is not engaged in some vast conspiracy to undermine the Church. It’s a provocative […]

Last Thursday: Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom headlined a $100,000 PPGG (Planned Parenthood Golden Gate) fund-raiser Thursday. Today, PPGG will host a 5:30 p.m. candlelight vigil and walk in honor of women who died […]

#1 with a bullet….amazing. Ah, short but sweet. Mother A’s back on top…

The Curious Rise of Anti-Religious Hysteria by British Marxist Frank Furedi: Superstition and prejudice should continually be countered by rational argument. But the vitriolic invective hurled at Christian believers today is symptomatic of the passions normally associated with a fanatical […]

Lots of talk about Michael Schiavo’s wedding in a Catholic Church in Safety Harbor, FL and the canonical implications. You can read about and discuss it here at Jimmy Akins’. Canonist Ed Peters Kathy Shaidle has a strong and understandable […]

The Bishop of Lexington rode the bus with other March for Life attendees… Some bishops fly to the rally, but Gainer prefers to take the scenic route. "It’s not all that comfortable, but I find it fun and invigorating to […]

Book of Daniel taken out of circulation

Go and read Annie Banno’s post on this new initiative, designed to signal those in need that they are surrounded by people who want to help: The Goal: To help—not re-create—all of the good pro-life (and other) efforts across America […]