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Read what he’s got to say about his visit. Amazing spiritual energy from the Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, putting life firmly into perspective. I met many many awesome people in Uganda. Three were little sisters of Mary Immaculate from […]

From a reader: I thought you’d be interested in a fairly recent development regarding the drug Accutane (and its generics).  I was treated with Accutane when I was seventeen, but genetics has blessed me with the opportunity for another go-round […]

More good thoughts on preaching from Dominican (of course) Fr. Phillip Powell, here: 4. You know you’ve heard a good homily when… …you are encouraged in your faith, strengthened in your trust of God,…you are set afire to read your […]

Our sympathy and prayers with Rich Leonardi and family on the death of Rich’s father.

Display of decorative , blue and white paper plates, napkins, cups and so on, with a sign attached: "Colts Stuff: 50% off" Only 50? Related: A story about the Pittsburgh-area hierarchy and their Steelers’ loyalty: The Steelers are the only […]

New blog from a writer who’s penned, among other things, that very good piece on Dems and Catholics that appeared in Commonweal last fall. Mark Stricherz is his name, and his most recent posts describe and analyze an encounter – […]

Yesterday, former priest Michael Baker was arrested as he got off a plane in LA. Baker had been in Thailand and Nepal. He was arrested on charges of molestation that fell within the statute of limitations. Baker is one of […]

This, of course, is the weekend on which we remember the Supreme Court decisions of Doe v. Bolton and Roe v. Wade. It is perhaps being remembered in your own community, but the two large gatherings are on the East […]

Richard Dawkins has been all over the place of late, including a two-part television program in the UK, slamming religion. In The Tablet, Professor Keith Ward takes him to task: So why can Professor Dawkins only see the bad in […]

A few notes: I sort of settled on an apartment, then changed my mind. Then changed back. We have definitely decided to stay on the Vatican side of the river. We have to do the Scavi tour twice, separately (if […]