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January 1, 1970 Archives

Nothing like stopping at your corner convenience store to get some gas, and seeing…your bishop! Dang, if I’d been two minutes earlier, I could exchanged witticisms in the Burger Dairy with the Bishop. But that’s okay – Katie popped out […]

Over the past few days, I’ve discovered that some non-spam mail is being directed to my spam box. A lot of mail coming from, plus a few others, including two that were responses to responses of mine to notes […]

Now and again, we muse here about that thing called "Christian culture, " particulary in regard to the changing face of Catholicism in formerly strongly Catholic European countries, as well as Quebec. Just trying to figure out what was going […]

Clayton Emmer’s been on pilgrimage the past few days, including a trip to Rome that he’s not yet blogged about, but will soon, I’m sure The Roaming Roman has great photos from her group’s recent trip to Naples, as well […]

A new rector of a Long Island seminary – a return to earlier (and more sensible) days? "I must tell you, I was very surprised to be considered," said McDonald, 64, who attended the seminary. "I thought St. Matthew’s parish […]

That long-term lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of using government funds to restore the California missions, has been dropped: A hearing had been scheduled for Friday in U.S. District Court here on the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss it. The missions […]

A priest and his brother reaching out to Latino youth: Some people might be skeptical of a priest who reaches out to teenagers online, but the thousands of young people who log onto his Web site seem to think that […]

We’re hearing with increasing frequency and confidence that translation is the issue with the new encyclical. The Times (UK) reports: POPE BENEDICT XVI’s first important pronouncement has been delayed by an unprecedented tussle over the final wording between key Vatican […]