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A reader writes: Since so many of us experienced the "immortality" gaffe this weekend, how about a thread on the worst gaffes ever heard at Mass?  My own nominee is one my mom and I heard during the reading of […]

Pope meets with Jewish leaders, is invited to Rome synagogue The pope met representatives of Rome’s Jewish community in the Vatican on Monday and was invited to visit the city’s synagogue as his predecessor did in a landmark move 20 […]

An article: Along with the pregnancy center, Southeast Christian Church also maintains an extensive overseas adoption ministry that members consider part of the church’s "pro-life" mission. "When you’re taking children out of Ukraine, that’s choosing life," said Kathy Drane, who […]

Okay, I’ll be upfront with you people. There’s a reason my blogging has been sporadic and absent-minded, and it’s not just that I am 1)revising a Holy Week pamphlet  2)Going over copy-edits of the Mary Magdalene book 3)contemplating a new […]

Helping girls in India: Most of the girls at St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Pulincunnoo, Kerala, are not orphans at all. They have parents and, in most cases, remain in touch with them. A few of the 32 girls at St. […]

From a traveler: I know you have many readers who are interested in the situation of the Church in China. Could I ask them, through you, to help me? My husband and I will be traveling to China this summer. […]

Thanks to reader Mark for passing along this link to the story of Sister Helena Egan, an Australian missionary living under Japanese occupation in the Gilbert Islands during WWII. Do go read.