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News of a Cuban political prisoner, Dr. Oscar Bisket The reader who passed this link along addd this to the brief story: However, there is much more to this story than the fact that he has courageously opposed the regime […]

Raise your hand if….Here I am, Lord was played in your parish today. Who says there’s no universal character to the liturgy any more!?

Today’s Angelus: “Here are two particularly meaningful words,” continued Benedict XVI. “’Seek’ and ‘find’. We can draw these two verbs from today’s gospel page and extract crucial guidance for the new year, which we want to be a time in […]

A friend of mine has recently brought her mother in to live with her because her mother’s Alzheimer’s has stepped up the pace of its attack. Her mother is highly functional and has very clear moments, but at the same […]

Well, finally. A victory for the 8th grade girls’ basketball team – their second, I believe, in four years of playing together. And Katie even made a very nice swish from almost the three-point line that prompted a torrent of […]

From Jody Bottum in the Weekly Standard. His point? The Catholic hierarchy may be politically ineffective, but Catholicsm is contributing much to legal and political discourse: So why all the agitation? The 2004 presidential election saw endless talk about the […]

Here’s another one:  Catholic Outsider from Alejandro Bermudez, editor of Catholic News Agency. It’s a young little blog, but it’s pretty interesting, with a couple of recent posts on Benedict’s style of interacting, including a primer on who gets to […]