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Pro-life placards defaced and destroyed in Bay Area: Some supporters of abortion rights have called BART to complain about the ads and demand their removal. The political Web site urged activists to call BART and members of its Board […]

One of the most interesting points about Michael’s trip down south is that the same hotel where Catholic Marketing Network is meeting, the Anglicans have gathered, as well. He says it’s a fascinating group. The Anglicans, he means.

For Rich Leonardi’s dad, rushed to ICU

The Criterion Online of the Archdiocese of Indy has started a blog, run by former ICB (Independent Catholic Blogger) Sean Gallagher and Brandon Evans, and featuring contributions from other Criterion staff. Brandon, you might recall, gave us lots of good […]

I know that my postings have not been very substantive of late. For that, I apologize.  But a few things have been occupying me – I got yet another idea (don’t laugh) for a novel, this time a Young Adult […]

Magister offers two evaluations of the Pope’s address to the Diplomatic Corps, particularly in regard to Iran and China: In effect, the thesis that “truth can only be attained in freedom” is typically Ratzingerian. It leads to the conclusion that […]

LIsa de Moraes on a new series coming from A & E, following 5 men considering priesthood Notwithstanding the tight shot of the tight T-shirt on the well-endowed woman in the clips shown to critics, the docu-soap "God or the […]

The "girl deficit" in India is more rampant among the well-educated, according to this story:   The practice is common among all religious groups – Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, and Christians – but appears to be most common among educated […]

A look at an early, unpublished work, in The Tablet: The ability to dissect Marxism and reassemble it in a Christian form made Karol Wojtyla a potentially significant Catholic thinker. It would take him another two decades to perfect this […]

Ken Woodward, with a good summary of the Limbo business, in the WSJ Mark Shea, with perspective on that "re-evaluating Judas" story from the Times UK today