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Friend of the blog David Kubiak sends in a note about last night’s ABC Nightline, which featured an interview of the abortionist who was the focus of that LATimes story a few weeks back. Here’s the story from the ABC […]

They’re into art and everything…

Lots of hoopla last week about NBC’s The Book of Daniel, hoopla which seemed to me to be wasted, because, as I said at the time, this apparent attempt to clone Desperate Housewives into an Episcopal rectory, airing at 10 […]

Today, the Pope received 200 families from the NeoCatechumenal Way in audience: Today in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received a group from the Neocatechumenal Way, including 200 families who will soon depart on evangelizing missions in various countries, especially in […]

Mirror of Justice, the blog run by many law professors interested in Catholicism, the law and life in the academy among other things, has several posts on the Wheaton matter

…at least on TBN. You either don’t know or don’t care, but Hal LIndsey’s show was dropped from TBN because his views could be offensive to Muslims. Me, when I think of Hal LIndsey, all I can think of is […]

Apparently for five years now, the USCCB has been in various forms of litigation against the Media Research Center. Huh. At issue? Three letters: C.N.S. From their battlements at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops they have been wagging […]