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On his way down to the Catholic Marketing Network gathering in Birmingham, MIchael stopped at the Trappist monastery in Gethsemane for Evening Prayer. At the bookstore he met an old friend whom he didn’t know had joined up with the […]

…with gazillions of books in print….the paperback version of DVC is finally on the way (in the US) . 5 million copy first printing.

Long-time friend of this blog, Conor Dugan: One of the primary lessons I learned from Judge Alito was about what a judge is and is not in our constitutional system. Much popular thinking about the judicial function holds that the […]

The turmoil in the Anglican Communion and the ECUSA interest us a great deal because it’s interesting in and of itself, but also because of what it tells us about the road of "God is doing a new thing." Today […]

Because we are always intrigued by the exploits of lying dogs and untalented hacks who get published while we sit here trying to tell the truth and do good work, this Smoking Gun investigation of James Frey, the author of […]

I’m alone for the first time in almost two weeks. For an only child, that’s serious, and might take some extensive recovery time. It was for a good reason, though – my two oldest boys were here – David first, […]

The Lancet actually addresses the issue: According to research published by the British medical journal, Lancet, selective abortions and a traditional preference for male sons could be among the causes of this serious phenomenon. A team of scientists, who analyzed data […]

When his company co-operates with a government to censor free speech? Just asking.

Do click over the discussion of this past weekend’s WSJ on the religious identity of colleges, and Wheaton in re/ Catholic professors in particular.

The pope turns to the interpretations of the Second Vatican Council, first the theory of discontinuity: On the one hand, there is an interpretation that I would call "a hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture"; it has frequently availed itself of […]