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A hint from the USCCB… The US Conference of Catholic Bishops will probably give the film an O for "offensive" rating, said spokesman Monsignor Francis Maniscalco. "There was so much misinformation in the novel – if that is repeated in […]

There’s a quite interesting piece in the WSJ today about professor’s faith and religious colleges and universities. The general point concerns some institutions’ determination to beef up their particular religious identity. Notre Dame is mentioned as committed and succeeding in […]

…with Fr. McBrien’s column was that he did not address the issues. He did not honestly confront Menino’s stances on the issues at hand and put them up against Catholic teaching. He did not address the substance of the protesters’ […]

A NW spokesman reponds to Jimmy Akin’s characterization of his Zenit interview as "spin" Jimmy Akin’s response Magister’s original article, and here is the Zenit interview Also, in the Word from Rome, the same spokesman responds to John Allen

Very interesting article about Loma Linda, California: The city is best known for Loma Linda University Medical Center, where in 1984 doctors performed the world’s first infant cross-species heart transplant: "Baby Fae" was given the heart of a baboon. Less […]

A lengthy road reaches a church trial: After waging a public battle against the Archdiocese of New York, the most prominent Roman Catholic priest in the archdiocese to be accused in the sexual abuse scandals was granted a church trial […]