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NYTimes piece about a book of photography and essays about worship and church life in inner cities: The title is a nod to the influential Jacob Riis book of photography published in 1890, ”How the Other Half Lives,” about tenement […]

Another post on an NBC program I didn’t watch! Hurray! This is one I can’t be moved to be upset about. I can’t see it succeeding, ratings-wise, first of all. (although I should probably not even type that until the […]

Kind of forgot (I have mucho family in – David left this morning – 🙁 – and Christopher, Dad and Hilary are here til Sunday. Much excitement) – but John Allen’s Word from Rome is up: The emerging heart of […]

What will Archbishop Levada say in his deposition? Having spent $53 million to settle more than 100 claims of priestly sex abuse, Portland in 2004 became the nation’s first Roman Catholic archdiocese to declare bankruptcy. Dozens of other cases are […]

In his latest column, Fr. Richard McBrien looks at the Boston Catholic Charities dinner fracas, honing in on Carol McKinley (who has a deep dislike of me, by the way, I understand, but I most definitely don’t want to go […]

The Pope’s homily at Mass: A great silence, permeated by attentive reflection and prayer, greeted the words of Benedict XVI as he finished his profound homily during Mass in the Basilica of St Peter to celebrate the feast of the […]

Orthodox leader says he’d like to meet with Pope The spiritual leader of the world’s 200 million-plus Orthodox Christians said Thursday that he is eager to meet with Pope Benedict XVI sometime in the coming year in an effort to […]

The Jewish return to petitionary prayer: The newfound popularity of the prayer for the sick begs for explanation. Why has this once fairly obscure prayer assumed such importance and ubiquity? And why has it spread in popularity across the Jewish […]

Meghan Cox Gurdon (mother of 5) in the WSJ: She comments on the resurgence of the large family on the big screen, but that the subtheme of these films is chaos, either barely controlled or actual. But in reality: The […]

I didn’t, but a reader writes in: Did you happen to watch ER last night? I sat down in the middle of it. Some teenager was pregnant by rape. She didn’t really want to keep the baby but her Christian […]