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David Crumm of the Detroit Free-Press consistently finds good stories and reports them fairly, in context. Today’s piece is on the Christmas celebrations of Christians from the East Michigan’s diversity of immigrant groups, drawn mainly to auto-industry jobs during the […]

Click here for larger photo (April 2002 – on the way back from the absolute worst NCEA conference ever – in Atlantic City. ) (Which had been preceded by the absolute worst Easter liturgy ever, in which the visiting Franciscan […]

Dear People of “Open Book”: I have followed with great interest your discussion ofmy interview with Godspy and Amy’s reactions to it,focused especially on the question of divisions in theChurch, and what to do about it. What I’d like tooffer […]

Andrew Sullivan has been wondering about the mortality rate of newly-conceived human beings, he says, for a section in the book he’s writing. He says today: Thanks so much for your numerous responses to the zygote question. I’m deluged with […]

From the Philippines, a priest’s effort on behalf of his people: Father Beltran is pastor of Manila’s Parish of the Risen Christ, a congregation of scavengers who live alongside Smokey Mountain, the Philippine capital’s legendary — and ever smoldering — […]

A bit early – he’s 73. Cleveland’s Catholic Diocese Bishop Anthony Pilla has written a letter to the Vatican asking to be replaced, NewsChannel5 reported. Pilla, 73, will not disclose why he placed the request to retire. He said the […]