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Waitin’ for the first encyclical. Cardinal George has some clues: The cardinal has not yet seen Benedict XVI’s encyclical, which is expected to be released by the Vatican within days, but said he has "seen comments" about it. The pope […]

Inmates reach out -and are reached. The lyrics of the "Rap of Redemption" were created by a maximum-security inmate, Essex Sims, at Lansing Correctional Facility, with the arrangements done by the East Hill Singer’s conductor, Elvera Voth. The idea of […]

How about where are you coming from? The discussion in the most recent Allen-related post below is all over the map and intriguing, not to mention a little discouraging. Let’s put it this way. Read the homilies and addresses of […]

This is not from me – if you know someone, email me, and I will put you in touch with the reporter: I was wondering if you could suggest someone for a voice I need in my article on the […]

Scholars explore the documented discusions about what books would be placed on the Index – or not. When he received special permission in 1992 to be one of the first historians to see the secret documents of the Index, they […]

Also from the Allen interview – I do hope he takes this up as his next subject. There are signs everywhere, and he’s a great one to pick up on those signs. It’s Michael’s and mine orientation, totally. I spoke […]

A bit more on Opus Dei from John Allen: First an interview with him in Godspy: Based on your own personal experience and encounters, what most impressed you about Opus Dei? The quality of the people. These are very reflective […]

Caritas Australia has constructed a web page dedicated to news about recovery and reconstruction after last year’s tsunami.

We like our global perspective around these parts, so here’s a story on the Church in Finland, particularly its recent consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 7 parishes. 17 priests! For the Consecration, St. Mary’s church was fully packed […]

Theme set for WYD ’08 in Sydney: The Vatican has announced the theme for the 23rd World Youth Day celebration, which will take place July 15- 20, 2008, in Sydney, Australia. The theme for the event is taken from the […]