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I’m thinking that legit hotels like a Crowne Plaza should think twice before renting out rooms and such to 200 swingers. Oh, and watch out for that large group of young adolescent soccer players and their families, too. Booking them […]

50 years ago, idiocy and injustice – parents under the interdict for not sending their children to a new Catholic high school.

Visit and bookmark this site dedicated to the stories of and support for parents who have received difficult prenatal diagnoses. The stories provide powerful witness to the value of each tiny life. Via After Abortion, which has many other good […]

That should be enough to grab many of you. It’s a rich meditation on what it means to say that Jesus is the Word: Second, John’s Prologue by its very structure reaffirms the order of creation at the point where […]

Go down and read the thread on the Liturgy of the Hours, particularly the comment by Dominican Brother James Dominic Brent: When I first started, I ran into the problem that the Psalmist’s mood or prayer often clashed with mine. […]

From a reader, a religious order priest, who ran across an old column of mine reflecting on our trip to Quebec several years ago: Christian Culture: What’s It Good For? I am writing to you because I experienced last summer […]

In the NYTimes Mere Comments critiques

…having to write about Holy Week with the Christmas tree in the next room. But…work calls, once again.

"The best kept secret in Dallas" Makes you just want to….pray. (Via Envoy Encore)

For those of you with friends and acquaintances impressed by ABC’s report…Patrick Madrid sets the record straight