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January 1, 1970 Archives

John Allen’s report on Saturday’ and Monday’s doings highlights discussions past and present about the issue of inculturation In other synod business Monday, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of the Greek Catholic church in Ukraine posed a provocative rhetorical question: if Catholics […]

From this morning’s interventions at the Synod, an Australian bishop: Consider the fact that the Author of the Universe took human nature to himself, was born of a Virgin, had (and still has) a human body and a human soul, […]

A sort of interesting slideshow at Slate, examing the architecture of Lakewood, Crystal Cathedral, Willow Creek, a new LDS structure in Salt Lake City, and the LA Cathedral. He actually gives the Crystal Cathedral props for being the most religiously […]

A site and a cause from an Ave Maria School of Law professor, inspired, I think, in part by the experience and perspective of Bai MacFarlane The TrueMarriage project seeks to ensure that religious marriages and other fundamental aspects of […]

My son who is taking a course from A Famous Poet reports that the class has not had to write a poem in three week. The Poet was off to a medical appointment one day, had to meet with the […]

If you frequent Catholic blogs, you might remember, all of a week or so ago, a story about the Catholic bishops in the UK issuing a doc about Scripture which, according to the news accounts was some radical departure because […]

It’s late, and I’m tired, so maybe I’m misreading, but is this piece by actor Michael Moriarty on Tom Hanks, DVC and Hilary Clinton just totally whack? Or is it satire? I really want to think so…but it seems as […]

Yes, Synod doings continued on Saturday. Saturday morning’s interventions. Some highlights: First, From Cardinal Szoka, retired of the Archdiocese of Detroit. The fIrst Synod I attended was in 1983. In the last 15 years, I have participated in every Synod […]