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News that… Stan now ranks as one of the 30 most deadly hurricanes of all time, with over 1500 deaths caused. Stan will proabably far surpass Katrina as the most deadly hurricane of 2005; Katrina’s death toll stood at 1242 […]

Barbara Nicolosi saw Narnia, and reports

The hurricane and storm has caused widespread havoc in Central America With food and water running out, governments in Central America and Mexico scrambled Friday to reach isolated areas devastated by a week of intense rain, with residents saying panic […]

The Diocese of Superior answers questions about the late Fr. Erickson

Professor Bainbridge looks it over

Another book to add to the pile next to the couch. But this one, I think I must read…Ghost Empire: How the French Almost Conquered North America, reviewed in that link in the Toronto Globe and Mail. In Ghost Empire, […]