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The pastor of the Torres’ parish writes in the bulletin (scroll down) Baby Susan herself, by her very weakness and helplessness, forced us to reexamine our standards. In her, as in all the unborn who silently appeal to us for […]

South Caroline parish adopts Mississippi parish…

Adult stem-cells The Roman Catholic Church in South Korea said yesterday it will donate millions of dollars for research into adult stem cells, supported by critics of embryonic stem cell projects as a more humane alternative. The Archdiocese of Seoul […]

This Aussie is scathing on the latest from We Are The Church IMWAC has published a call on their website for the Bishops gathered in Synod to drop the theology of Transubstantiation and sacrifice. The fact that Europe fought immensely […]

Michael said he heard Fr. Fessio on NPR’s Fresh Air today, talking about the homosexuality in the priesthood thing, and said he was quite good, almost quietly but powerful evangelical about Church teaching v. the culture, in general. I’d hoped […]

Full text of the General Audience today The liturgy is the privileged place to listen to the divine Word, which renders present the Lord’s salvific acts, but it is also the circle in which the communitarian prayer rises which celebrates […]

TMatt takes an exhaustive look at the Miers-Religion stories today in the MSM, but doesn’t touch the latest blogRumor…articulated by John Podhoretz at The Corner: A friend, one of the wisest analysts of politics I know, asks the following fascinating […]

Why do you find it so hard to believe? Why do you find it so easy? It’s never been easy.

More Catholic Adult Formation Follies: Thank you for your books, of which I have quite a collection, and thank you for your Bad Girls essay. I needed that one to know I am not alone, especially after last night’s Formation […]

Mexican bishop causes uproar Provoking the uproar were declarations by Bishop Ramon Godinez, of the central state of Aguascalientes, who remarked this month that donations from drug traffickers are not unusual, but that it’s not the church’s responsibility to investigate. […]