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Rocco’s got a good post-Red Mass photo up, but I like mine too- Justice Clarence Thomas, ready for the new term. More photos of movers and shakers here Short story here, more later, I’m sure.

In which we re-open, for one Sunday, our semi-continuing feature asking readers to post their experiences of Mass attendance today (and last night). The tone: Not critical, unless containing yourself would bring on an aneurysm. Just reporting – our readers […]

Israeli president to visit Katsav will visit Italy for about a week in mid-November, said Katsav’s spokeswoman, Hagit Cohen. The Foreign Ministry said the visit was "unprecedented." Israel and the Vatican established diplomatic relations in the 1990s, and Pope John […]

East Germans spied on Ratzinger for fifteen years

He won’t stop confronting us with what matters…at the Angelus today: The Eucharistic Celebration with which we inaugurated the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops has just concluded at the Basilica of St Peter. The Synodal Fathers, coming […]

The Synod of Bishops began today, with a Mass. Proceedings begin tomorrow. First, off, what’s the Synod of Bishops? Here’s an introduction: The Synod of Bishops is a permanent institution established by Pope Paul VI, 15 September 1965, in response […]