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Archbishop Hughes will celebrate Mass in St. Louis Cathedral on Sunday Diocese of Beaumont relocates to Houston NO Archdiocese considers the future The Diocese of Biloxi – a photographic slide show cataloging the damage

From Damian Thompson at the UK Spectator. The reader who passed it on remarked: typically glib and gossipy piece from Damien Thompson in the spectator. contains enough sweeping generalisations to carpet vatican city. For the time being, therefore, you can […]

Some of you may recall from last December, news of a young Wisconsin priest committing suicide. He had just been questioned by investigators looking into a double homicide. Now, the investigators say they have strong circumstantial evidence that the priest […]

That’s a really lovely drive at night – up some big road, approaching the capitol building, much like going up any one of the approaches to the US capitol. Beautiful lit, a really gorgeous building. Impressive! And I had no […]

I like what Terry Mattingly called this post: An Anonymous Priest Walks Into a Newsroom, addressing the ethical questions behind the media’s proliferation of the pained gay priest expressing his fears about the coming witchhunt and unwilling to go on […]

Dom is keeping on top of the Cuenin wailing and gnashing of teeth up in Boston. Over in the diocese of Worcester, another priest was temporarily pulled from the pulpit A Catholic priest in this town was temporarily pulled from […]

From NRO, Robert George on an important pro-life philosopher: Earlier this month, the discipline of philosophy lost one of its finest teachers and the pro-life movement lost one of its most brilliant intellectuals. John M. Dolan, professor of philosophy at […]

Pope announces that World Day of the Sick will be held in Australia The World Day of the Sick will bring hundreds of religious leaders and health experts to South Australia from around the globe. Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, who […]

This one is a couple of weeks old, but I neglected to blog it at the time – an LA Times examination of the intentions and consquences related to Roe v. Wade Last year, on the fifth anniversary of Blackmun’s […]

Russian cult leader exploits grieving mothers of Beslan Susanna Dudiyeva and Anneta Gadiyeva, who complained to President Vladimir Putin at a Sept. 2 meeting about the handling of the hostage-taking crisis, joined nine other mothers at the Kosmos hotel last […]