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I’m a little too wiped out at this point to read closely, but NCR(eporter) this week features an analysis of a long -range survey of American Catholics: Our research teams have carried out four surveys of American Catholics. The first […]

Yes, they do. For today’s feastday, of St. Vincent de Paul, I’ve linked to a VincentWiki, a Wikpedia by and for Vincentians (and, per the Wiki tradition..anyone else who’d like to edit.) Lots of good links. I was rather interested […]

I had a call earlier today about appearing on a show on Boston Public radio. From the person’s questions I could tell that she was under the impression that I would come on and argue against "gays in the priesthood." […]

…about the logistics of college football, post-Katrina and Rita: My son just called from Baton Rouge. In fact, the phone rang and I knew it was him. As you might know, the UT-LSU game, scheduled for Saturday was postponed until […]

Benedict and Kung meet In a dramatic gesture of reconciliation, Pope Benedict XVI met Sept. 24 with his former colleague and longtime nemesis, Swiss Catholic theologian Hans Küng, a fiery liberal who once compared then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger with the head […]

…and continued south from New Albany, right on to Knoxville, where I could not only have seen family, but also, "the most acclaimed theologian of the 20th century:" McBrien stepped to the podium and began his lecture.

Yesterday’s Angleus address, the last from Castel Gandalfo: The whole of Jesus’ earthly existence, from his conception until his death on the cross, was an act of love, to the point that we can summarize our faith in these words: […]

Rita left her mark in Cameron parish, LA: The aerial tour, in a National Guard helicopter, included areas such as Cameron, Creole, Lake Charles, Abbeville, Delcambre and Erath. The tour began at Chenault Airbase and followed La. 27 into Cameron, […]

Indian government proposes: India will offer free secondary school and university education to girls who are their parents’ only child in an effort to curb population growth and especially end the practice of selective abortions. …. Some experts though warn […]

With all of the attention focused on Philadelphia, last week, we missed a couple of notes coming from Los Angeles: A rather complicated decision from a court, ruling that while summaries of priests’ malfeasance worked out in confidential mediation processes […]