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Miracle tears are the wrong sex Padre Pio was a miracle-working hermit who died in 1968 and was canonised three years ago. Last May his statue at Marsicovetere, in Basilicata, was reported to have wept tears of blood. However the […]

Frequent readers of this blog know that one of my interests is education of all kinds – I may have only taught in Catholic schools, but I’m a product mostly of public schools, as is my husband, and I’m interested […]

A new book: John Paul II made no secret of his interest in the political upheavals and religious controversies in his native Poland. But a book of his private correspondence about to be published in Poland demonstrates an astonishing attention […]

Our favorite Catholic teacher blogger, the Anonymous Teacher Person tried a Death Theologians’ Society kind of activity involving role-playing, which didn’t turned out as she’d hoped. Her entries reminded me of something I did in graduate school. It’s worth telling. […]

One of the most outspoken priests in the Boston area has been Father Walter Cuenin of Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton. He announced his resignation – or departure from the parish – today. Here’s an article from the […]

Check out the magazine for Seattle Pacific University, and their articles on/interview with/excerpts from speeches by N.T.Wright, Anglican bishop and scholar Who, incidentally has 7 books coming out in the next two years. If you have some time, and are […]

Believe it or not, I’m on the Sunday NYTimes op-ed page. (Or at least the "Week in Review" section – somewhere….) The piece is okay – it’s really, really, really short – 150 words shorter than I originally wrote (per […]

In The Guardian, an atheist makes an admission: The correlation is so clear that it is impossible to doubt that faith and charity go hand in hand. The close relationship may have something to do with the belief that we […]

Interesting capsules from the SPUC: Chinese officials who forced pregnant women to undergo abortions and sterilised couples who had more than two children have reportedly been sacked. The report follows a campaign by pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng who is currently […]

An article originally published in Crisis, reprinted at Holy Spirit Interactive, explaining corporal mortifications as a spiritual practice: But let’s go even further. It’s clear that simply being a good person requires some kind of mortification. If a man doesn’t […]