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1. I’ve added a little graphic over on the left, courtesy of Catholic Content – links to the daily Scripture readings. If you have a blog, check it out. 2. Don’t forget the "Spirited Talk" program – also linked on […]

Forget Tony. Did Cherie receive Communion when she met the Pope?????? Scott’s book claims that Mrs Blair was disappointed in her own political ambitions, obsessed with money and caught up in weird New Age practices. It alleges she apparently wielded […]

A reader sends in this link to a story about a forum at Lehigh University: The chief proponent for intelligent design at Lehigh is Behe, who has drawn international acclaim and criticism for his 1996 book Darwin’s Black Box: The […]

….or not. MO Governor Blunt has an outraged letter in NRO, explaining his position on cloning, etc., and taking pro-life leaders to task for keeping unborn children "hostage". The NRO editors reply: Blunt continues to mislead with the discussion of […]

Some things are back to normal in Baton Rouge, while of course the people who only care about babies before they are born are just sitting around.

Part of the SF Gate series, this week featuring Huston Smith, who introduced scads of us to world religions… He’s 86 now, God bless him, still a member of the Methodist denomination into which he was born (as the son […]

Awesome! I had no idea!

A column in the SF Chronicle, taking FEMA to task No, this one’s a little different: Immediately after the hurricane, there were only two secular organizations to which FEMA’s Web site urged that contributions be made; all the others were […]

Big Eucharistic procession in Philly

Federal Judge blocks new abortion-regulatory law The role that conflicts over embryo-destructive stem cell research is playing in state politics: Many anti-abortion groups equate the research with the destruction of human life. Blunt disagrees. He says the research is ethical, […]