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January 1, 1970 Archives

Well, not lost, because other people’s good times were facilitated. Which is important. And hey, I didn’t mind sponging up 11 episodes of Lost. I did mind the Vols losing – could only watch that up until the end of […]

France is a leading missionary target now: New figures show that the modern missionary is eschewing countries such as Nigeria, Papua New Guinea or India in favour of that unlikely heart of darkness: France. The latest edition of Religious Trends, […]

A couple of interesting paragraphs from a NYTimes Magazine article by a former Catholic (in his youth), former evangelical (in his older youth) and, here observer of the recent Billy Graham Crusade in NYC. But the thirst for knowledge isn’t […]

As Rocco points out, the Angelus message this morning seemed …pointed. In particular, my thoughts go today to priests, to stress that the secret of their sanctification is to be found right in the Eucharist. Through sacred Ordination, the priest […]

My daughter is off seeing it now with a friend. I’d really like to see it myself, but with a husband out of town and a baby and a 4-year old, I had to bow out. I understand it’s making […]

I’ve received a couple of inquiries about speaking from NYC-area parishes, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. I think we might try to work something out for them to share expenses in bringing me out, probably next spring or […]

Here’s the deal. We’ve not had landline phone service since Friday. The DSL/Wireless has been gone since Saturday morning. (Atlhought it’s telling me "connected." It’s not). I finally got to Verizon yesterday who said, "Oh, yes, you’re part of an […]