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News came early this morning of a seminary for the diocese of Kansas City, studying at Mundelein, who was killed in a car accident. He also had a blog, and you can read the comments on his poignant last post […]

So….my daughter said that what she wanted for her birthday was the first season of LOST on DVD. So tomorrow’s her birthday, but since she’s got a very full day tomorrow, we celebrated her birthday tonight. So, we’ve been sitting […]

Annie Banno of After Abortion brings our attention to a new film: I am blown away already just by the clips on the website. I’m glad for and fascinated by this film, even though I think it will cause me […]

Okay, now I think this is even a bit much for me: People writing books explaining Dan Brown’s next book before it’s published. It  sounds like an Onion headline, but two books now look not to Brown’s past but to […]

Bishop Simon Brute: Underneath the appearance of paperwork, signatures and seals, a moment of historical significance for the archdiocese occurred this week. On the morning of Sept. 12, Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein, along with other officials and the postulator, Andrea […]

Damn, we need to respect other cultures more.

His prediction: predict two things: (a) Chief Justice Roberts will vote to uphold Roe v. Wade, and (b) his replacing his former boss, Chief Justice Rehnquist, will move the court only mildly, but most assuredly, to the left – as […]

St. Louis: In a little more than a week, Aquinas Institute of Theology will be one of the first seminaries in the country to be visited by Vatican teams looking for evidence of homosexuality. I’m sorry, but that lede made […]

George Weigel on the strengths – and potential weaknesses Contrary to some expectations, Polish Catholicism hasn’t gone the way of Irish Catholicism, Spanish Catholicism, and Portuguese Catholicism in the sixteen years since the Revolution of 1989 — which is to […]

On Benedict at WYD: from Godspy. Pope Benedict has a style. And he has a strategy. If we find them hard to make out, it could be that our eyes need to adjust. We are so used to waiting for […]