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January 1, 1970 Archives

An AP article on the flourishing of religion in Mongolia: Mongolia is flush with foreign missionaries these days — young Mormons going door-to-door, Korean Christians working with homeless children, new Catholic churches sprouting up on the grassy steppe. The collapse […]

A NYTimes analysis of the recent Troubles The violence was largely unexpected, since the Irish Republican Army, the larger Catholic enemy of the Protestant paramilitary groups, in July announced an end to its 36-year armed campaign to drive Britain out […]

People have collected a set of something like 25 dumbest things said about Hurrican Katrina (If you haven’t seen the Wolf Blitzer, "They’re so poor….They’re so black" clip by now, you’re very late to the party. You might just laugh […]

Dom has more on the Child Protection memo to dioceses and links to Fr. Bob Carr, who actually called the USCCB permissions office about the NAB podcasts. The response he got (not on his own site, but quoted at Dom’s) […]

Eve Tushnet passes on the question for you folks: I wondered if you–and perhaps your readers, if you’re interested in throwing this out to them–had any thoughts on how Catholics can do a better job of transmitting pro-marriage, pro-family beliefs […]

Looks good – a Catholic music festival in Missouri next weekend!

At the end of today’s General Audience, the Pope wished a national gathering of exorcists well Reuters story, obnoxious It might be an international gathering, though. The group met around this time last year in Mexico.

This time from St. Mary’s College in South Bend: The College is currently recommending monetary donations for two groups: The American Red Cross (donate at and the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross. The Marianite Sisters are part of the […]

Wow. Got this email. Can’t find anything about in the online version of the Milwaukee paper. We’ll wait to see if they cover it in tomorrow’s edition to start complaining. But with or without coverage, here’s a place that can […]

Y’all might have heard about the Pope blessing a statue of St. Escriva this morning at the General Audience. Nice! I’m more interested in him blessing the pizza oven. Aren’t you? (It’s going to be used to cook for the […]