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Via Hugh Hewitt, a new web portal called Relief Connections: Please visit and bookmark, and if you are blogger, please tell your audiences about it and perhaps even put a button somewhere on your site. is NZ Bear’s […]

I saw penguins at the zoo the other day. I haven’t however, seen March of the Penguins  – I really am not too interested, and what I’ve heard (correct me) indicates that it’s rather anthropomorphized in its presentation. (although that […]

Get Religion has two good posts (okay, lots of good posts, but the two most recent are timely), the first about Palestinians burning synagogues in Gaza and the second. along with 40 comments or so, about a Columbia Journalism Review […]

Papabile notes an article about a judge in NY who’s also a permanent deacon: Westchester County Judge Charles Devlin is taking a leave of absence as deacon of a Roman Catholic church in Chappaqua to comply with Cardinal Edward Egan’s […]

NYTimes roundup of Katrina Judgment Scenarios

I don’t quite get this, but I guess it’s funny? Via Southern Appeal

Most of you who are interested surely already know this, but good places to follow the Roberts hearings are at SCOTUS Blog and for evaluation of the press coverage at How Appealing. And Ann Althouse, of course

The papal envoy surveys the damage From the Biloxi paper: Most of the 4,000 feet of stained glass that surrounded St. Michael’s Catholic Church is now sprinkled across this once lively casino town, splattered into small slivers and lost among […]

A guy who runs a website which contains not much more than quotes from Jehovah’s Witnesses materials is being sued by the church: Legal proceedings before the Ontario Superior Court were initiated on September 8, 2005 by the Watch Tower […]