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From AsiaNews Four bishops of mainland China were named by Benedict XVI as members of the forthcoming Synod on the Eucharist, which is set to begin in Rome on October 2.  News of these nominations was released by the Holy […]

Some of the more interesting searches that have brought people to this blog: foie gras, Pittsburgh justice without Dennis Prager (Oh, can there be such a thing?) tooth fairy clip art Filipino Translation of the Gettysburg Address pentacostalism amy welborn […]

While putting MJ to sleep tonight (the first time in a while…somehow, this task has fallen to Michael over the past couple of weeks, in the most amazing way. I guess it happened when Michael would be taking care of […]

I’m going to spend the next hour or so blogging a whole bunch of stuff. I hope. Some of it will be serious, others not. Just a normal day around here. Michael’s out of town for the weekend – catching […]

Well, I’m off to speak to South Bend. Pray for me, that I say helpful and useful things to law students. Shouldn’t be too hard, since it seems all I do all day is blog for lawyers, anyway…! Be kind… […]

US rejects asylum plea In 1999, Li applied for asylum on the grounds that the Chinese government had persecuted him for his religious beliefs. He missed the application deadline, but an immigration judge agreed with his arguments, granting him a […]

Darrell Bock in Christianity Today: The real danger in mixing or divorcing church and state is not to the Christian Left, Middle, or Right. The danger is to the church. Our cultures need communities that know no national boundaries, that […]

Do go read Karl Keating’s e-letter, with some historical background on the use of "father" and "mother" as titles for religious leaders. History is a very useful thing. Over at Pontifications, Michael Liccione takes on a matter of interest to […]

A Catholic researcher is doing a study and invites you to participate. He’s pleased with the  participation so far, and thanks you. A Catholic researcher is doing a study and would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time […]

Rick Garnett at MOJ blogs a bit about Chief Justice Rehnquist’s funeral, which he attended One theme came up, again and again:  The Chief Justice worried often that too many lawyers did a bad job of finding balance in their […]