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(That’s science fiction, to you, Mr. Smith…) Ignatius Insight has a great interview with Tim Powers. Is there, do you think, a difference between a "Catholic novel" and a novel written by a Catholic? Do some readers, in your […]

The traditional Anglicans at CANN have an ongoing blog of Katrina-related links, including a section on faith-related issues. Courtesy of Get Religion

Let me tell you how our room is laid out. There’s the main bedrom, and then a little room adjacent. That’s Michael’s study. (Mine is in a room downstairs.) Yesterday, I was up there, putting clothes away. Had the baby […]

Yesterday, we were on our way to an audition – Katie for a local theater production of The Jungle Book. Joseph brightens. "I know what that’s about!" he says, "It’s about Tarzan when he was a little boy!" Well…..sort of. […]

CNN hires Delia Gallagher as "Faith and Values" Correspondent. Good call – she will be interesting to watch. Won’t they be pleased?

The view from Louisiana: Over thirty years ago, the novelist Walker Percy (another Louisianan by adoption) began his novel Love in the Ruins with a question that conveys the apocalyptic mood that suffuses this part of the world: Now in […]

Sir Ian McKellan keeps a sporadic (three entries long) journal of his time filming DVC…

Kaspar says he thinks the Pope will go: A top Vatican official said he expects Pope Benedict to travel to Istanbul, Turkey, in late November for a meeting with Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. Cardinal Walter Kasper, who coordinates […]

We all know (or we should, anyway) about the precarious state of the shrinking Christian presence in the Holy Land. Today, Sandro Magister reports on what the representative of the Franciscan Custodians of the Holy Land have to say these […]

Last night, I was reading our worn copy of Peter Rabbit to Joseph, a copy that had been mine as a child, which makes it practically an antique. What struck me, though, was not my own age, but rather the […]