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For those of you who have Sitemeter on your websites, a very cool new feature I guess they just recently added. Hello, Wuhan, China! (Even though you were looking for "Hindu Print Edition" of …something or other. Welcome for whatever […]

Actually, this one isn’t a stylistic classic like so many others I’ve read, but the reader who passed it one was impressed by the deceased’s humble, vibrant faith: In the early 1950s he was a painstaking editor of the Catholic […]

I’ll be at Notre Dame on Thursday, speaking to their chapter of the Thomas More Society – on Catholic life, the internet, Here.Now….a heady mix. It’s open to anyone! I know that I have non-law-school readers up there, so please, […]

Tucson diocese to incorporate parishes individually I’d like a canon lawyer (or someone who plays one on TV) to confirm the details and explanations in this story. Comparisons to diocesan structures in other countries would be helpful. At least seven […]

Just a few more details on where and why. In this case, the Rehnquist family asked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for use of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle due to its size and central location, said Susan Gibbs, spokeswoman […]

Paisley calls for an end to anti-Catholic violence in N. Ireland, says he’ll meet with Archbishop.

From a priest on the ground in NO. We pick up the story in Matairie, then he takes us with him into the city: I stayed a few days helping, there is no power, and water came back on a […]

From a reader: My oldest is a [student] at all-male Catholic High School in Baton Rouge … run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who also have all-male schools in New Orleans (Brother Martin) and Bay St. Louis, MS […]

McCarrick’s resignation not accepted… That actually makes sense to me. McCarrick’s not infirm or ill. Some of us have our dream candidates for DC, but most of them have much work to still do in their own sees or are […]

The Archdiocese, that is. Whispers on the Loggia has a post on the subject, reflecting on a NYTimes article. I don’t think the logistical/administrative situation is as dire as Rocco suggests. As some commentors on his post point out, post-War […]