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I’m really fascinated by the reports I’m hearing of the now very rapid mass relocation of evacuees around the country. Here’s a USA Today article about the general wave that’s going out there, with some interesting anecdotes of creative, energetic […]

Everyone who opens their mouths these days are liable to win one, it seems. From the president’s hopes for Trent Lott’s rebuilt house and his high praise of "Brownie," to his mother’s Marie Antoinette Moment (as Andrew Sullivan called it) […]

Faith-based groups in GA say Red Cross is hampering relief ATLANTA – Several local ministers and activists on Monday criticized a Red Cross they say has been unresponsive, unconnected and unhelpful to the hundreds of Hurricane Katrina evacuees adrift in […]

A proponent of embryo-destructive stem cell research in Britain tells the truth: Britain is the first country in the west to authorise by law the use of embryos left over from fertility treatment for such research. Leading US scientists have […]

Both Whispers and Papabile are dropping cute, veiled, aggravating hints about CHANGES and such. It’s clear that the much anticipated Curial shifts are about to be announced, and perhaps some long-awaited episcopal announcements, as well. Tune in first thing tomorrow.

5 canonizations on 10/23, 17 beatifications (handled by Cardinals or others, either locally or in Rome) announced, the latter group including Charles de Foucauld. Interesting how the AP puts "martyrs" in scare quotes in relation to the Spanish Civil War…

The NO Archdiocese has a forum up and running where information is being traded on the whereabouts of priests, employees and so on, and the status of parishes, schools and other institutions. What an amazing and helpful thing this Internet […]

Can anyone with contacts in the area get to the Red Cross, FEMA, or go help themselves? Report: there is a potentially horrendous situation developing at the Carmelite Convent in Covington, Louisiana. They need immediate help from someone in the […]

Do read the comments in this thread, as Fr. Brian Stanley keeps us updated on what his parish is doing to help evacuees who’ve been relocated to a local military base

Yesterday’s NYTimes piece on some judges recusing themselves from parental-notification cases A pregnant teenager went to the grand and imposing county courthouse here early in the summer, saying she wanted an abortion. The circuit court judge refused to hear the […]