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Here’s just some notes from all over, how Catholic institutions are dealing: There’s a Girls and Boys Town Louisiana – they headed to San Antonio Volunteers and supporters of Girls and Boys Town are donating beds, clean clothes, basic necessities […]

News and photos from a Carmelite monastery in Covington and some others Via Dom, who has their contact information for those who would like to help.

Remember that Amazon Listmania list that everyone hated? Well, here’s a better list by Speculative Catholic, which includes any SF that incorporates Catholic themes, and color-codes them to let us know whether it’s a positive or negative perspective.

Was 80. Rick Garnett of Mirror of Justice pays tribute.

Bill Cork has all the relief-related news, including the Archdiocese’s participation, along with other faith-based groups, in accepting responsiblity for feeding those hurricane-displaced-persons for the month of September, and the news that the Archbishop will be celebrating Mass tomorrow at […]

Knights of Columbus will match donations. The inital plan: $1.25 milliion to assist those displaced and made indefinitely homeless by Hurricane Katrina. $250,000 in immediate aid to Catholic Charities in affected areas. $1 million to help rebuild Catholic schools. Supreme […]

Is seeking housing for Katrina survivors: Meeting the long-term housing needs of hurricane survivors on their way to the Washington, DC area is the immediate priority for Catholic Charities. The group is looking for vacant apartment units that can be […]

I just got a call from a parishioner, the wife of an active US Army Reservist, who is coordinating the temporary relocation of five hundred families to Fort Custer in Battle Creek.  The call has gone out for bed linens:  […]

David Morrison posts a letter from a resident of a small town east of Houston, recounting how they are helping Katrina displaced persons And this, from Rod Dreher: I was thinking this morning talking to my family down in Louisiana […]

How churches weathered the destruction: The Catholic Church, which ministers to about 70,000 in the Biloxi Diocese, was physically trounced, with at least 14 of 57 churches gone or devastated likely beyond rebuilding. Several churches constructed after Camille to be […]